Does this sound familiar? Due to a lack of structured information, you have to rely on multiple experts and systems just to answer a simple question.

BRES provides a continuous and accurate overview of all your information. Choose whether to see it from the perspective of a fund, building, unit or tenant and then visualize all the related details with just one click.

Become a strategist with personalized KPIs, filters and calculations. 


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The BRES platform contains many inter-connected features.

  • Overview features

  • KPIsKPIs: see if your business goals are achieved with key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • DimensionsDimensions: visualize and express quantitative variables.
  • ModeMode: combine interactive diagrams and maps.
  • Map typeMaps & Area statistics: combine interactive maps and area statistics (government, province, municipality, market).
  • CollectionsCollections: decide which data to display, like funds, buildings, tenants, cashflows etc.
  • FilterFilter: select or exclude subsets of data.
  • ItemsSelected items: view and manage items.
  • StatusStatus: disable or enable active, historic and future data.
  • Management features

  • CalculationCalculation: calculates the statistics for your selection.
  • MatrixTable: view and manage all (selected) data in spreadsheet layout.
  • User managementUser management: manage logins, user rights and 2-step verification.
  • ExportExport: export data in a variety of open file formats.
  • BackupBackup: setup and manage automatic backup.
  • LanguageLanguage: support for multiple languages.
  • Release notesRelease notes: view the latest software fixes, changes and enhancements.

We offer support during the implementation and use of the software.

  • Identifying the key questions you are trying to answer.
  • Identifying the data structure needed to answer those questions.
  • Making your data consistent via data validation and cleansing.
  • Building modules to fit a specific purpose.
  • Providing training and workshops.

Our goal 

To provide an interactive system for visualizing and managing your real estate portfolios in their context.

'From raw data to clear visualisations.' 'From raw data to clear visualisations.'
  • Interactive. Viewed from any perspective and equal perceptions for all stakeholders.
  • Order, structure and overview. Getting a grip on complex data – from raw data to clear visualizations.
  • Flexible and scalable. Company-specific configuration. In line with the (strategic) needs of the organization.
'We can have BRES up and running in just 2 weeks.' 'We can have BRES up and running in just 2 weeks.'
  • Solution oriented approach. Company-specific demo's for testing and reviewing our software.

  • Quick to implement. We can have BRES up and running in just weeks after launch.

  • No vendor lock-in. Open file formats and protocols.

‘We’ll show you how to get the most out of your real estate data.’

‘Everything is related to everything else, but near things are more related than distant things’.

Waldo R. Tobler

We are BRES
About us

After years of experience in software and real estate portfolio- and assetmanagement we found that organizations missed overview on their real estate portfolios. 

We developed the webapplication BRES in which portfolio data is combined, enriched and structured. In a lightweight software development method (Agile) clients decide how to gain more added value with KPI's, maps, filters, data sources, functionality, exports etc. 

Our office is located in the former schipyard 'de Groene Draeck' on the Grasweg 69, 1031HX in Amsterdam:




'Get the most out of your real estate data.'

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Stefan van de Schootbrugge
Founder & Product Owner

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